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Leadership Oakland

Clarence Dass is a member of Leadership Oakland, a program where fifty developing leaders delve into the issues facing the region—from education, government and the justice system to health and human services and race and ethnic diversity. In-depth, monthly sessions, led by experts in each of these arenas, focus on both the treasures and challenges facing the region. The program’s goal is to take developing leaders and provide them with a rich network of colleagues, a deep understanding of the region's challenges and the opportunity to achieve value for their own organizations, creating new levels of leadership. Through Leadership Oakland, today's leaders will grow in their personal, professional and public leadership ability.

For more information, visit http://www.leadershipoakland.com/

Law Enforcement

As a former prosecutor, Clarence Dass appreciates and understands the challenges members of the law enforcement community face on a regular basis. Dass regularly participates in speaking engagements, fundraising initiatives, and awareness programs aimed at improving the quality of life for law enforcement and relations between law enforcement and the community. In 2016, Dass launched a law enforcement appreciation campaign for Sgt. Collin Rose, fallen police officer of the Wayne State University Police Department.

Wayne State University Irvin D. Reid Honor College Board of Visitors

Since the beginning of his career, Clarence Dass has given back to his college. He serves as a member of the Wayne State University (WSU) Irvin D. Reid Honors College Board of Visitors. Modeled after the community-based advisory boards of other WSU colleges, the Honors Board of Visitors serves as a dynamic and effective resource for the Irvin D. Reid Honors College. This select group of business executives, civic leaders and parents of Honors students provides a necessary link between Honors and the community at large. Board members act as public advocates for the Honors College, secure financial support for scholarships and other Honors initiatives, and make personal financial gifts that serve as an example to others.

For more information, visit http://honors.wayne.edu/alumni/visitors-board.php

St. Mary's Preparatory Alumni Association

Clarence Dass is a proud graduate of St. Mary’s Preparatory in Orchard Lake, Michigan. Since his graduation in 2003, Dass has served his high school’s alumni association by mentoring current and former students, speaking to classes, and organizing events and initiatives aimed at improving life for alumni and the school.

For more information, visit http://stmarysprep.com/pages/alumni.html